1. The journal "Studia Ełckie" does not tolerate any form of plagiarism or other abuses (e.g., self-plagiarism, falsification or manipulation of research results). Therefore, in the case of suspicions or accusations of plagiarism, we take the necessary steps to investigate and clarify the situation.

2. The anti-plagiarism policy conducted by the editorial borad is aimed at preventing from plagiarism, protecting and respecting published research results, shaping honest attitudes among people involved in research, and helping authors maintain the originality of their work. It is also an expression of concern for the journal's reputation.

3. The editorial board of the journal warns against breaking and violating the ethical principles in force in science and the principles of anti-plagiarism policy, referred to here. Any manifestations of scientific misconduct and violations of such rules will be exposed and documented.

4. Before submitting an article for publication, the author is asked to make sure that he knows:

what is plagiarism [see],

what are the consequences of plagiarism [see and see].

5. Submitting a text for publication means that the author has expressly acknowledged and reliably documented the contributions of those authors whose research is cited in his article.

6. In order to prevent from the publication of an article that contains plagiarism, the editorial board uses systems and programs to detect it. Program for articles in Polish [see]; program for articles in English [see].

7. The author who committed the plagiarism is solely responsible for detected plagiarism. As a consequence, its text is removed from the journal. In this case, a notice appears on the website that the article has been deleted. In addition, the institutions employing the author, reviewers and victims are notified of the situation and its consequences.

8. The anti-plagiarism policy applied by the editorial office takes into account, inter alia, the COPE guidelines.


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